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Most commonquestion for Carnival Sambadrome frequently asked questions

Most commonquestion for Carnival Sambadrome frequently asked questions

Most commonquestion for Carnival Sambadrome frequently asked questions

Most commonquestion for Carnival Sambadrome frequently asked questions

Most commonquestion for Carnival Sambadrome frequently asked questions

Most commonquestion for Carnival Sambadrome frequently asked questions

carnival dates for 2013 - 2014- 2015- 2016 - 2017 -2018 - 2019 -2020



This year Carnival Dates are February 28th until March 4th. 2014

Most common question for Carnival in Rio frequently asked questions

How do I book my Carnival package?
Easy just give us a call ask for Liz or Cynthia they know all about the Carnival Package and can advise you on your needs.

What Type of hotel?
We offer hotels from 5 stars to 3 stars in all ranges and most areas of Rio. We specialized in customizing packages for your every need. We can give you different option for hotels and let you know what is available at time of booking.

Do I need to make a deposit
Yes in order to guarantee the services you need to give us a deposit, full payment for Sambadrome ticket is required at time of booking. (there is no refunds for Sambadrome tickets)

Can you help with hotel, transfer and tours.
Yes of course we can, we can book as little as you want or provide you with a complete package. We recommende you get you arrival and departure transfers because of security reason. Also if booking Sambadrome we advise you to use our transfers.

How do I decide which hotel is right for me?
Well first thing you must let us know is how much you want to spent for the Carnival nights, we can them match your budget to a hotel. Hotel are sold by 3-4-5 nights packages.

Why do hotel charge so much for Carnival?
Because it is the peak of peaks and they will sell out, Carnival is so popular that most hotel sell out by the end of the year. The best hotels with the best prices sell fast so you must make your reservation as soon as possible.

Can you help with international air fare?
yes we can help you we hold contract with all major airlines from the USA.

Do I need any type of vaccine
At this point there is no need for any vaccine to go to Rio if you are combining other areas there my be a need for a yellow fever.

Can you help with other city or area of Brazil?
Yes we can help you book your complete package for any area in Brazil or for that fact all of South America.

Most common question for transportation and tours in Carnival frequently asked questions

What type of transfer to do offer for airport pick up
We offer share services, private with driver and private with driver and guide.

The share services my have wait time at the airport in order to fill out the bus please take note of this. Second on the way back there are fix time of departure

The drive only - offer you a meet and greet at the airport by your driver and transfer to the hotel. On the out bound if offer you the private pick up. This transfer are with a car and drive only for you and your party.

The drive and guide VIP service - offer you meet and greet at the airport with your guide there and your guide will explain all about the city as you drive in. On the out bout it will be there at the time you want them.

Most common question for Carnival Sambadrome frequently asked questions

What should I decide before buying my Sambadrome tickets?
You should know your dates of arrival, decide on hotel. We can help you with all your plans for the Carnival Even. Feel free to sent us your questions

For which day should I buy my tickets?
The best and most important parading nights are Carnival Sunday and Monday,when the biggest and best samba schools parade in the Samadrome. The two days are similar in terms of set-up. 6-7 of the best 12 samba schools (the Special Group) march on both days. Choose the one which best fits into your schedule.
Saturday's parade is not a main Rio Carnival event. It is not comparable to the principal parades. Only small schools march on this day which have not qualified for the special nights. It is not much in demand.

Is it the same show on Sunday and Monday?
Different schools march on the Carnival Sunday and Monday, which are the two principal parading days. Each night the show will be different and there is no way of telling which night will have the winner of the competition. It is wise to opt for the day which best fits into your schedule and plans.

Which are the best sectors at the Sambadrome?
Sectors in the middle or slightly towards the end of the runway are excellent, such as sector 5 - 11. However we only sell section 9 and private box. The section 9 has number seats and has great security for you. Go for the front boxes if you can afford it for more comfortable and allocated seating, space and close-up views.

Which are the very best tickets at the Carnival Parade?
The Luxury Suites are considered to offer the best seats in the Sambodromo. The suites are covered boxes with the best views, air conditioning, VIP treatment, buffet supper with butler and drinks the whole night through. You will be among the "A" crowd.
Then follow the front boxes in front of sector 9.

Are there any child, student or senior discounts?
Children under 5 do not have to pay to attend the Samba Parade in the Sambodromo. They can enter for free. Anyone over 5 years of age has to pay the full price.
There is no student or senior discount.

Can I change my tickets?
No tickets are non-refundable but you could transfer to a friend.

How do I know if my tickets are booked?
After your payment, you will also receive our written confirmation with all your purchase details. At that point we will let our people know in Rio and give them all your information.

When and how will I receive my tickets?
If you have purchase one of our Carnival packages you will received your tickets as we pick you up to take you to the Sambadrome. If you just purchase Sambadrome tickets from us you can pick them up at our office in Copacabana during our office hours, at your convenience from February 16 to the Saturday at mid-day. Make sure to bring your passport since we required proof of ID.
If coming in a cruise them we will you can came and pick them up but we strongly advise that we pick you up and supplied you and your party with round trip transfers.

Can you send to tickets to my home address abroad?
Tickets are in the form of vouchers until the very last week before Carnival, for security reasons and to avoid fraud. The actual magnetic cards are issued only at that time. Thus we cannot send you the actual magnetic cards you will need to enter the Sambodromo, any earlier. You will receive all your items after your arrival in Rio de Janeiro. You can choose whether you want to pick them up from our Hospitality Desk or you want to have them delivered to your address in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Can I have my tickets be delivered?
Yes, of course.
We deliver to all cruise ships for fee.
We also deliver to any address within the boundary of the city of Rio de Janeiro for fee

Do you charge for delivery?
We strongly advise for your own safety for you to take our shuttle transfer or a private transfer the Sambadrome are is not very safe with our transportation we will guarantee your safety.
Deliver to all cruise ships is has a charge.

Is it safe in the Sambadrome?
It is considered to be the safest place in South America. There is a very high concentration of international celebrities, politicians and royalties among the crowd. It is surrounded by huge perimeter fencing which no-one can pass without being checked for both, safety, security and commercial reasons. NOT all sectors are equally safe. To get there, you should consider our Carnival shuttle service, to safeguard your valuables. We also can provide you with private driver and guide for your convenience.

When does the show start?
The parades start at 21:00. 8:00pm and it goes until sun rise at times

When is the best time to arrive for the Parade?
An average person generally watches 3-5 samba schools. Arriving around 22:00-23:00 could be a good idea, considering that this is the time when the atmosphere starts to peak.

How do I get there and return home?
The best way is by the frequent Carnival shuttle service with us. It has been especially set up to facilitate ticket holders' transfer to and from the Sambodromo on Carnival days when roads around the Sambodromo are closed and traffic comes to a standstill. It is designed to give you direct, quick and safe access to the Sambodromo.

Should I book the Sambadrome shuttle service?
It is highly recommended to book the Sambodromo shuttle for safety purposes and to save you time and hassle. You can book it together with your tickets with us.

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